I've crossed some nerd threshold.

  • ckid01: we just decided to change my last name to
  • ckid01: farnull
  • ckid01: we being me and sean
  • Cory (AIM): how will you be explaining this to the judge?
  • ckid01: im sure he can make
  • ckid01: a null argument exception!
  • ckid01: zing!
  • me: i record shows
  • me: and then
  • me: i don't watch them
  • dane: heh
  • dane: tis better to have tivoed and lost, than never to have tivoed at all


Since leaving my pretty good day at work I have witnessed two pretty stupid things:

1) I attempted to go vote tonight, but some genius tried to put a decently populated part of Lafayette into a MOTHER FUCKING FIRE STATION. I didn’t feel like waiting, so yes, I didn’t vote. It’s 2010, why are we still going some place to vote?

2) A traffic light was blinking yellow and red. So people treated it like a 4 way stop. That’s not super terrible, but just 3 weeks when the light Ambassador and Kalie Saloom was out everyone acted like they had no clue what a 4 way stop was.

Anyway, I’m going enjoy a Guinness now.

Using AVAudioRecorder and iLBC in iOS

I had a bit of trouble finding the correct settings for the AVAudioRecorder in iOS when using iLBC, so I figured I would document the one’s I used in my most recent project.


Ken Block Videos

Ken Block is a pretty awesome rally drive from the US. His 3rd Gymkhana video came out today so I thought I’d make a post of links to them for future reference:

1) Ken Block Gymkhana in his Subaru


3) Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l’…

Bonus Top Gear video:

Ken Block on Top Gear

Doctor Visit

I seem to have gotten food poisoning sometime this weekend. That’s not really the point of this post though. I ended up seeing a doctor today. I realized while I was sitting in the waiting room that I had not seen a doctor in about 10 years. 

This is significant to me, because as a kid I was at the doctor’s office a lot. I had my tonsils removed in the 2nd grade. I fractured my right hip in the 5th grade from falling out of a chair. (Early sign I was a nerd?) I also had asthma off and on when I was a kid. Thankfully, I never had a full on attack. In the 11th grade, I broke my ankle and had complications during the surgery to repair it that led to lung damage.

So while it sucks that I’m sick right now, I’m glad I haven’t had to visit a doctor in 10 years.

A thought on iPhone/iPad multitasking

I was playing with the This American Life iPhone app. I noticed when I clicked on the YouTube video placeholder, rather than quit the app, it used a modal view to display the video. This may be a built in feature of the UIWebView. I haven’t really messed with the UIWebView so I’m not entirely sure. My point is Apple provides that sort of thing along with the MailComposer view.

I wonder if a replacement for some multitasking actions would be allowing a developer to create view controllers that could be used by other applications. Similar to the URL API the iPhone already supports, but without having to leave the original app you were in.

Sent this in July 12, 2007

  • Me: man apple is up like $10 since the iphone came out
My attempt at my application icon (the traffic light). I know you aren’t suppose to do your own art, but I figured I would try since its a small, niche project.

My attempt at my application icon (the traffic light). I know you aren’t suppose to do your own art, but I figured I would try since its a small, niche project.